About Melissa Rodriguez

One must be calculated in knowing when to buy, hold, and sell. With this maxim in mind, she strongly values and believes-in her client’s investment. Her philosophy is to never be pushy to get a deal done. Her work ethics are one of high standards and morals and if she doesn’t feel the property is suited for the client she will tell the client it’s not a great investment.

Whereas a mediocre broker might be “in it for the commission,” Melissa sees her clients as family; and, as a result, she accommodates them in hopes they’ll elect to let her manage future investments. She is gracious, yet direct, in a manner that has garnered her a legion of loyal mentors; business fans; clients-turned-family; over and over, for the past fifteen years. In 2012, Melissa was nominated by her peers as a Five Star Real Estate Agent for her exceptional service and overall customer satisfaction.

She has been featured in Orlando Style year after year and since 2004, RockMel has earned the trust and respect of her clients and they continue to refer their friends and colleagues to her.

Exposure to the right clientele and a knowledge of the market are two dynamic paramount to selling real estate. Her track record has proven this repeatedly by captivating and delivering record numbers, even during economically uncertain times. During a recent market crash, she represented & managed several lender’s assets such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Beltway Capital.

Melissa has propelled herself to the forefront of this competitive real estate industry since he very beginning. Her expertise has brought her great success to bridge the gaps and unite buyers and sellers to closing table where she will typically represent both sides of the transaction. Showing her clients she is there working for them to get the property sold.

During her spare time her passion is evident in her energy for keeping and staying mentally and spiritually strong and fit as a runner. With Mottos like “Rise Up” & “Shatter-Proof” running through her soul, and in the spirit of running for the broken and supporting veterans, she placed first in her second half-marathon with an average pace her mile of 7:45 in the 2020 Orlando Best Damn Race at the age of 45. Melissa is a lover of watches, a car enthusiast and loves attending and supporting the Festival of Speed in Orlando every year. She loves vacationing and spending time with her loving and supportive family especially her 23yr old niece Raja and 16 yr old nephew Miguelangelo. She loves her bestie girlfriends and social events they attend, and also spending time on the couch with her loves of her life, her 2 children, A Yorkie named Papi and a Chihuahua named Chulo.

Melissa was born in Bronx, New York and raised in Phenix City, AL but her love for Orlando and sunny Florida grew after spending 4 years pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts at Johnson and Whales University in Miami, FL. After graduating Top of her Class with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel and Restaurant Institutional Management and a successful career opening restaurants throughout the United States, she retreated to Orlando to pursue her new found love in Real Estate. Her Puerto Rican roots loved the Palm trees, beaches nearby, the Hispanic cultures, and International diversity that Orlando and Walt Disney World Fireworks brings.

RockMel sees Meta-Mediocrity as Motivation: Her Hunger, Skills, and Raw Talent are the coals firing inside her furnace, which drive her beyond the Mediocrity for which others simply settle.


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